Frequently Asked Questions

How will I be billed?

Your credit card will be billed monthly based on your current plan pricing. You can change your plan or cancel at any time.

Do I need accounting software like QuickBooks or Xero?

Nope. We will provide printouts of your financials to you or your tax preparer, or we will provide a copy of your data file, whichever is more convenient for you. We've got you covered.  

How do I get you my statements, checks, and receipts?

There are many ways you can provide us with your info. Your Booxy rep will work with you to find the option that works best for you, and your busy schedule! 

What if my statement cycle ends in the middle of the month?

We recommend you change your statement cycles to end of the month, in order for us to reconcile your statements in a timely manner. Simply call the number on the back of your credit card, and most banks will be happy to help with this request. 

Do you outsource to another country?

Absolutely not. All of your books are done by our team of professional bookkeepers right here at home in the USA.

What do you mean by Tax Time Support? 

During tax time we can work directly with your CPA or tax preparer to help with any reports they need to file your taxes, on time!

Will you do my taxes?

We currently do not offer tax preparation, but we would be happy to refer you to one of our trusted associates. 

Do you offer payroll service?

No, we recommend using a professional payroll service. But we can help you find a great one and get set up!

What if I already use QuickBooks?

Many business owners are too busy to update their QuickBooks every month. Booxy can handle your monthly reconciliations for you so you can focus on running your business. 


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